Certification Exam - CIO Certified Blockchain Professional (CCBP)

The Globally recognized CIO Certified Blockchain Professional (CCBP) Designation is issued in partnership with the CIO Association of Canada and is accredited as a professional development program by the Institute of Management Consultants (CMC Ontario, Canada).


The certification is open to business and technology professionals, executives and entrepreneurs globally. 

Two options to earn the Certification

  • Option 1: The recommended approach is for professionals to attend the In-person or online live-streamed bootcamp. Those attending the bootcamps will receive a discount coupon towards the certificaton. Please use that coupon code to register here and save. 
  • Option 2: International professionals unable to attend the bootcamp, can self-study the curriculum and self-certify by completing the same exam and a capstone project - all online from anywhere on your time. When you register, an email containing curriculum details for self-study and materials covering some of the areas required to certify will be provided. You will have 60-days within which to complete the certification process. 


Certification Requirements 

Certification requires the completion of all four of the following courses either through the 2-day intensive bootcamp or via self-study, and successfully passing a 60-minutes open book exam and the capstone project:


Introduction to Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Marketplace

Introduction to Enterprise Blockchain Technologies

Emerging Blockchain Business Models

Blockchain Transformation Strategy (includes management consulting methodologies listed in the curriculum above)


A post-secondary education or equivalent of at least 2 years of professional work experience is required in any field. Candidates must be 18 years or older.  

A CIO Certified Blockchain Professional (CCBP - Foundational) 

  • Is knowledgeable about popular Cryptocurrencies (e.g. Bitcoin, Ethereum) and the transaction process

  • Understands key Blockchain concepts and definitions

  • Can identify key consensus mechanisms and know all parts of the Blockchain ecosystem

  • Knows about the emerging trends and business models related to Blockchain

  • Understands what digital assets and tokens are and how they can be implemented

  • Is knowledgeable about the different use cases and case studies in Blockchain 

  • Can develop their own Blockchain use case and lead a Proof of Concept

  • Successfully completed an examination and Capstone Project



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