CCBP Course Book

The CCBP Certification Exam is based on the material covered in the pre-learning/curriculum package, this course handbook, current topics and design considerations covered in the bootcamp.


This course handbook covers most of the topics provided below in combination with the pre-learning/curriculum package. Those self-studying for the CCBP exam are encouraged to follow the guidelines in the curriculum materials provided upon registeration for the exam.


Introduction to Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies & Tokens


  • Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Tokens
    • What are Blockchain and DLTs, How they work?
    • Key characteristics of Blockchains
    • Structure of Blockchain
    • Overview of main protocol functions
    • Why and when Blockchain makes sense?
    • Adoption timeline for Blockchain


  • Blockchain Strategy Development & Planning for Enterprises and Start-ups
    • Managing and creating disruption and the need for Digital Transformation in light of exponential technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, AI/ML, AR/VR, Voice
    • A Practitioner's Guide to Blockchain Digital Transformation
    • Current developments in market, industry, technology, adoption, trends, emerging business and governance models, policy and regulatory considerations, organizational and skills planning
    • Challenges and opportunities - business, technology, governance, and regulatory lessons learned from recent implementations and mitigation strategies
    • Strategies for identifying, capturing and extracting value from Blockchain projects
    • Blockchian solution considerations
    • Business Architecture: business functions, processes, participants, policies, regulation, governance, business models,
    • Application Architecture: application function, purpose, users and UX, roadmaps, interactions with internal ERP/CRM/IS and external systems
    • Data Architecture: data flow, management, ownership, accountability, interfaces, impacts of policies (security, privacy), on/off-chain planning
    • Technology Architecture: platforms, infrastructure, deployment, integration, testing, audits, Blockchain as a Service


  • ​​​Blockchain Construct - Trust, Decentralization and Consensus
    • How is trust established in Blockchains?
    • Considerations for decentralized and distributed networks
    • Consensus mechanisms - PoW, PoS, dPoS, PBFT and derivatives
    • PoW in Bitcoin: Hashing and SHA 256, How transactions are added to blocks and blocks mined onto the Blockchain. 
    • Differences between different consensus mechanisms
    • Deeper understanding of PBFT and use for permissioned Blockchains


  • The Blockchain Eco-system and Technology
    • Protocols
    • Middleware
    • Applications and Services
    • Sidechains and Other


  • The Blockchain Eco-system and Technology (Continued)
    • Public Blockchains
    • Private Blockchains
    • Consortium Blockchains
    • Blockchain Infrastructure for enterprise applications
    • Bitcoin Blockchain
    • Ethereum Blockchain
    • Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain
    • Ripple
    • Important considerations for Enterprises


  • Programming logic and Smart Contracts
    • Smart contracts
    • Smart Oracles
    • Digital assets and smart property


  • Other Courseware Material
    • Basic concepts of Finance and Economy
    • What is money, currency, legal tender, ledgers
    • History of Money
    • Economics of Bitcoin (Monetary policy)
    • Bitcoin White Paper
    • Concept of Inflation, Deflation and Disinflation
    • Hedging currency against Gold


Enterprise Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Application


  • Blockchain enabled emerging market trends and disruptive business models
    • P2P markets
    • Smart property marketplaces
    • Micro payments
    • Blockchain notarization
    • Decentralized exchanges
    • Renewable energy tokenization
    • ICO/STO - security tokens


  • Supply-chain Provenance Solution
    • Learn to identify business problem and key question
    • Current state: Learn to identify participants, processes, assets, and data flow
    • Future state with Blockchain: Learn to identify participants, processes, assets, and data flow, on-chain/off-chain data management


  • Addressing Business Challenges with Blockchain
    • Blockchain use cases in private sector (finance, insurance, media, real estate)
    • Blockchain use cases in public sector (digital identity, healthcare, provenance, title deeds)


  • Blockchain and Governance


  • Developing Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Business Case - with Blockchain and IoT use case
    • Planning for Digital Transformation
    • Design Thinking and customer-centric design
    • External analysis
    • Organizational and business impact analysis
    • Use case identification and prioritization
    • Does Blockchain make sense - when and how to use it for the use case
    • Enterprise strategy development/alignment
    • Blockchain business model identification
    • Selecting the Governance Model
    • Blockchain technology and solution architecture
    • Data management
    • Regulatory and policy impact identification
    • PoC/Pilot/Production planning
    • Identifying risks and risk mitigation


  • Other Material
    • External factors analysis (PESTEL)
    • Internal Capabilities analysis
    • Strategy development
    • Lean business model canvas


Methodologies and Tools: The following management / business / technology methodologies and tools may be used during this workshop. In cases where these tools are used, either a brief introduction to the concepts and/or supporting material will be provided to help develop the strategy/plan (not to teach the tools themselves):


  • Methods for determining disruptive forces and trends
  • Digital transformation journey planning
  • Design thinking and journey mapping
  • PESTEL Analysis
  • SWOT/TOWS Analysis
  • Weighting average
  • Business Transformation Model
  • Important Information


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