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Robert Tapscott

Program Advisor & Instructor

Robert (Bob) Tapscott is a recognized information technology strategist and leader with a diversified background in organizational creation and transformation.  Bob’s extensive background in successfully leading large international software projects goes beyond typical technology design and development to include the training, organizational restructuring, and workflow redesign required to deliver, measure and improve overall corporate  performance.   Bob as a VP or Chief Information Officer has led the Canadian technology efforts for Citi, HSBC, and Lloyds bank.  


Bob is currently an author and speaker with the Blockchain Research Institute, where he works closely with Don Tapscott, and has drafted many published works on technology and business. 

Strategy - Blockchain Research Institute

Iliana Oris Valiente

Program Advisor & Instructor

Iliana Oris Valiente, CPA, CA, CBP (Certified Bitcoin Professional) is widely credited for being a trailblazer in the blockchain space, having been among the first to recognize the tremendous impact of this traditionally "hacker" technology on the enterprise world. Her focus has been on exponential technology, entrepreneurship and bridging the gap between the corporate world and the start-up communities. In her current role as a Managing Director and Global Blockchain Innovation Lead at Accenture, Iliana is responsible for strategy initiatives and overseeing projects to conceptualize and build blockchain solutions across industries, with a focus on FSI, supply chain, healthcare and the public sector. Iliana is also the founder and Chair of ColliderX, the world's first non-profit, open sourced, and crowdsourced R&D hub for blockchain and related technologies. Previously, Iliana was the catalyst in getting Deloitte actively involved with blockchain innovation, and founded the Rubix by Deloitte practice in 2014 where she led teams providing advisory services and building decentralized applications across multiple technology platforms. Iliana has strong views on how the network effects of this technology will impact multiple verticals, and how it will radically change many status quo business models. Iliana is an author and sought after speaker, regularly presenting at conferences and events around the world.

Managing Director of Blockchain Practice at Accenture | Co-founder

@Rubix by Deloitte

Mo Gabal

Program Advisor & Instructor

Mohamed “Mo” is a global certified trainer and consultant with over 15 years of training experience and business development. He has international experience working in North America and the Middle East. Mo has worked with world-class high-tech vendors such as Nortel, Avaya and Juniper. He is specialist in Business Strategy, Leadership and Sales.

Mo has Masters in Electrical Engineering, an MBA and is also an alumnus of Harvard Business School. He has written multiple publications, co-author of “Think Big” book and obtained a patent. 


Business Growth Executive & Co-athor of "Think Big"

Patrick McLaughlin
Program Advisor & Instructor

Patrick McLaughlin has been working in the blockchain space for over a decade because he believes it can help solve pressing, real-world problems. Following a career as a public servant, he spent five years building Canada’s first independent, regulated crypto bank. He focuses on how crypto and blockchain technology can leverage the best parts of established, mature fields. He connects and integrates crypto with existing trusted institutions so it can become truly secure, useful and ubiquitous. 


Patrick is obsessed with complexity science, frequently dives into entirely new fields, and is an avid reader.


Blockchain Startup Executive, Risk & Compliance Leader

Dawood Khan

Program Advisor & Instructor

Dawood Khan is a Partner at RedMobile Consulting, and Founder and Board member of TransformationWorx Inc.

TransformationWorx is an EdTech startup helping organizations understand and apply emerging technologies including Blockchain to address business challenges as part of their digital transformation.

Dawood has provided management, innovation and technology consulting to executives and business leaders for over 23 years. He is an industry expert in business and digital transformation, and use of smart and emerging technologies and business models to innovatively meet business goals. Over the last year, Dawood has been increasingly focused on Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies and the emerging opportunities they create.

He has a Master of Electrical Engineering Degree from Columbia University,  N.Y.; a Bachelor of Aerospace Engineering from Carleton University, and is a practicing CMC and a Professional Engineer.

Partner, Business Digital Transformation

@RedMobile Consulting

Binh Vu


Binh Vu is a lawyer practicing in the areas of corporate finance, securities law and blockchain technology.  Called to the Ontario Bar in 2002, Binh was a partner at two Bay Street law firms advising clients with respect to capital raising, securities compliance, mergers & acquisitions, and corporate governance matters. Binh also served as an executive of a public company where he navigated the company through regulatory matters, the successful resolution of a shareholder dispute, and the completion of a strategic review process that resulted in the merger of two public companies.


Binh is currently general counsel for a TSX company and also serves as business and legal advisor to numerous start-up companies in the blockchain space. In his current role, Binh advises on securities law filings, contract negotiations, business structuring and securities matters related to traditional financings and fintech offerings.


Binh holds a  Bachelor of Laws Degree from Queen's University; a Master of Taxation Degree from the University of Waterloo; and a Bachelor of Science (Neuroscience) Degree from the University of Toronto.  Binh is an active member of the Law Society of Ontario.

General Counsel

Manav Gupta

Program Advisor & Instructor

Manav Gupta is the CTO for IBM Cloud Canada, an IBM Master Inventor and is widely recognized as one of IBM’s leading experts in cloud computing, analytics, and blockchain. 


He has been at the forefront of working with clients to develop and implement hybrid cloud strategies, leading multiple clients to use IBM’s cloud platform in groundbreaking engagements.


Manav has authored a number of books in these areas, including most recently, 'Blockchain for Dummies'.


@IBM Cloud Canada

Kyle Kemper

Program Advisor & Instructor

Kyle Kemper has travelled the world and worked in numerous industries where he's gained valuable experiential knowledge in subjects including venture capital, accounting, marketing, sales, competitive strategy, organizational behaviour, communications, PR, client relations, politics, fundraising, sports, cryptocurrency, distributed systems, advertising, and more. Having worked for and volunteered with companies of all sizes, Kemper has developed a breadth of experience that he is metastasizing into his current projects. 

He has worked in the Cryptocurrency and Blockchain space since 2013. 

Executive Director

@Blockchain Association of Canada

Allwyn D'Souza

Program Advisor & Instructor

Allwyn has been involved with the Cryptocurrency, Blockchain, Investment/Payment space since May 2013. As a Blockchain (Bitcoin, Ethereum) Technology Specialist, he assists decision makers prepare and align for the velocity of changes that are transforming their respective industry. 

Allwyn holds a Graduate Degree in Mathematics and Physics from St. Xavier’ s College – Mumbai University. 

He is familiar with all aspects of Cryptography and Game Theory Concepts that are a must know for the fast evolving Blockchain space. Together with this, he has vast experience in the Identity and Access Management space, combined with training, hardware, networking and related Information Technology experience.

Having come from an IT and training background, Allwyn currently works in the Enterprise Security Administration team as an IT Security Specialist specializing in Identity and Access Management for CIBC Bank, one of the Big Five Banks in Canada. 


IT Security Consultant


 Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Lead

Barry Pratt


Barry is a Professional Engineer, who has worked in many domains, and different verticals, such as power at Bruce Nuclear, healthcare at St. Joseph’s Health Centre, enterprise networks at Health Canada, carrier and MSO Design, product development and line management at Nortel Networks, advanced networking, video, advertising systems, standards and industry relations at Rogers Communications, and media and TV consulting at Ericsson. 

He now works in business process and technical strategy consulting, IoT, technical and business course development and delivery in enterprise networks, digital transformation with applied design thinking, including the application of new technologies like Blockchain/DLT and their application to various verticals including FinTech.

Senior Consultant

Digital Transformation

@RedMobile Consulting

Neeraj Srivastava

Program Advisor and Instructor

Neeraj is a Blockchain architect and advisor, powered with broad-based experience in Payment Domain. He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP) and Ethereum Developer. He also holds certification in Project Management (PMP) & ITIL. In the past, he has held significant positions at R3, RBC Royal Bank, and Scotiabank. 


Neeraj has designed and managed various major innovative Blockchain initiatives around the world which are capable of disrupting existing financial systems. Currently, he is Co-Founder / Blockchain Architect at DLT Labs and Chief Architect at the San Francisco Stock Exchange (SFSE), where he is building world's first distributed stock exchange for small market business and startup on Ethereum.  

Co-Founder & Chief Blockchain Architect at San Francisco Stock Exchange & DLT Labs

Kiran Vaidya


Kiran is a senior IT specialist with experience as a Project Manager and Business Systems Analyst in leading, complex enterprise-level IT projects.


He has a strong understanding of Blockchain (Distributed Ledger Technology) and digital currency with certifications in both.

He is a Certified Scrum Master with a strong background of working in Agile methodology as well as SDLC and Iterative models in Canadian banking and finance domains. He has worked on transformation projects and digitization programs in various Banks.

Senior Consultant

Digital Transformation

@RedMobile Consulting

Alan Wunsche

Program Advisor and Instructor

Alan is a leading FinTech expert with a passion for leading edge information technologies.  He is a Certified Bitcoin Professional with in-depth knowledge of Blockchain technology and Cryptocurrencies. Alan has hands-on experience as a finance and technology executive with deep governance, strategic planning, process reengineering, big data analytics, risk management and information management.


Alan was recently elected by Standards Council of Canada as Chair of Canada’s ISO/TC307 Blockchain Standards Committee. Alan is also a Blockchain startup CEO, conference speaker, and Blockchain community organizer.


Throughout his 25 year career, Alan has been a trusted business partner to CIO’s, CFO’s, CRO’s, CMO’s and CHRO’s, leading business performance improvement programs by transforming finance, customer and risk IT systems, processes, and organizational structures.    

Chair, Founder Blockchain Canada. CEO, Leading Knowledge.  Founder, TokenFunder


Gain professional insight into the future of money

Learn the fundamentals of Web3 by delving into blockchain technology, decentralized finance (DeFi), central bank digital currency (CBDC), the metaverse, and non-fungible tokens (NFTs).

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