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Custom Workshop: CIO Certified Blockchain Workshop for your Organization

Custom Workshop: CIO Certified Blockchain Workshop for your Organization

Two-day CIO Cetified Blockchain interactive workshop delivered at your location and just for your organization.


Workshops are instructor led and facilitated. The instructor(s) can come to your location or can remotely delivery via a video conference. However, we recommend an in person (at your location) experience.


Workshop may be optionally customized to focus on your area of interest. However, the main topics covered in the workshop include:


  • What is Blockchain
  • Examples of Blockchains via explanation of Bitcoin
  • Blockchain market dynamics
  • Blockchian Technologies and their pros and cons
  • Blockchain related business and technology risks
  • Best practice for implementing Blockchain
  • Blockchain ecosystem infrastructure, middleware, applications, and sidechains
  • Practical uses of Blockchain across different sectors through several use-cases
  • Industry best practices 

    Please note that workshops generally allow for a lot of interactive discussion and engagement of the participants. Workshops can also be optionally tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Please arrange any customization ahead of the workshop.


    Standard Workshop Content:


    DAY 1: Introduction to Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies


    8:00 - Breakfast and Networking

    8:30 - Introductions

    8:45 - Introduction to disruption, the need for Digital Transformation and Blockchain

    9:15 - Introduction to Blockchain


    10:15 - Networking Break & Refreshments


    10:30 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE Value Transfer using

    • Bitcoin
    • Blockchain

    11:00 - Introduction to Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

    11:30 - Blockchain Construct - Decentralization and Consensus


    12:00 - Working Lunch


    1:00 - Achieving consensus on a Blockchain

    • LIVE DEMO: Consensus on a Blockchain

    1:45 - The Blockchain Eco-system

    • Infrastructure Participants
    • Middleware Participants
    • Applications and Services Participants
    • Sidechains and Other Participants
    • Smart Oracles
    • Digital assets and smart property
    • Business logic and Smart Contracts


    2:30 - Networking Break


    2:45 - Blockchain Infrastructure & important considerations for Enterprises

    • Public Blockchains
    • Private Blockchains
    • Consortium Blockchains
    • Blockchain Infrastructure for enterprise applications
    • Bitcoin Blockchain
    • Ethereum Blockchain
    • Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain

    3:30 - LIVE DEMO of a Permissioned Blockchain

    4:00 - GROUP DISCUSSION - Business Opportunities for Digital Transformation with Blockchain

    4:30 - Summary


    Supporting Courseware Material for Day 1

    • Basic concepts of Finance and Economy
    • What is money, currency, legal tender, ledgers
    • History of Money
    • Economics of Bitcoin (Monetary policy)
    • Bitcoin White Paper
    • Concept of Inflation, Deflation and Disinflation
    • Hedging currency against Gold


    Day 2: Enterprise Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Application


    8:00 - Breakfast and Networking

    8:30 - Blockchain enabled emerging trends and business models

    9:15 - Addressing Business Challenges with Blockchain Blockchain use cases


    10:15 - Networking Break


    10:30 - Digital Transformation with Blockchain - DigitaGovernment CasStudy

    11:00 - LIVE DEMO Certifying on a Blockchain

    11:15 - Developing Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Business Case

    • Capabilities Analysis
    • Interactive Group Exercise - Identifying Blockchain Transformation Opportunities and Business Impact Analysis


    12:00 - Working Lunch Continue with Group Exercise


    1:30 - Presentation & Review of use cases

    2:20 - Organizations decision criteria


    2:30 - Networking Break


    2:45 - Developing the Blockchain Implementation Plan

    • Selecting the Governance Model
    • Identifying risks and risk mitigation
    • Determining which Blockchain to use
    • Implementing a Blockchain Proof-of-Concept or Minimal Viable Product (MVP)


    4:00 - Capstone Project Overview

    4:30 - Summary


    Supporting Courseware Material for Day 2/Capstone Project

    External factors analysis tools

    • Capabilities analysis tools
    • Strategy development tools
    • Business model canvas



    Platforms & Software:

    - Bitcoin
    - Ethereum
    - Hyperledger
    - Ripple
    - Factom
    - Chain
    - Bitpay,
    - Coinbase,
    - Case,
    - GemPay
    - Mycelia,
    - Gem,
    - LenderBot
    - Ubitquity
    - BigchainDB
    - IPFS
    - Microsoft Azure
    - IBM Bluemix


    The cost is for a single-instructor led "standard content" workshop and includes up to 10 participants at your location. All logistics for the location, meals, and audio-visual equipment is to be provided by you. Any cost for travel time*, travel and accomodation are charged separately. Should customization be required, the cost will be determined based on the degree of effort. Extra charge applied for more than 10 participants. Large group and multi-day workshop discounts can be arranged. *Travel time up to 2 hour is included. Any time additional to this is charged at $1600 per instructor-day of travel. Taxes are extra. 


    Please note that the cost of the certification exam is additional to the course and is currently $200 plus tax. The cost can change without notice at anytime. 

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