A one-day  interactive workshop delivered to your organization that provides an introduction to blockchain technology as it applies to an enterprise.


Workshops are instructor led and facilitated. The instructor(s) can come to your location or can remotely delivery via a video conference. However, we recommend an in person (at your location) experience.


Workshop may be optionally customized to focus on your area of interest. However, the main topics covered in the workshop include:


  • What is Blockchain
  • Examples of Blockchains via explanation of Bitcoin
  • Blockchain market dynamics
  • Blockchian Technologies and their pros and cons
  • Blockchain related business and technology risks
  • Best practice for implementing Blockchain
  • Blockchain ecosystem infrastructure, middleware, applications, and sidechains
  • Practical uses of Blockchain across different sectors through several use-cases
  • Industry best practices 

    Please note that workshops generally allow for a lot of interactive discussion and engagement of the participants. Workshops can also be optionally tailored to meet the specific needs of your organization. Please arrange any customization ahead of the workshop.


    Standard Workshop Content:


    Key Blockchain Market Dynamics - Why Blockchain?


    • Blockchain is a Major Game Changer
    • What can Blockchain Enable?
    • Global Interest in Blockchain
    • Interest in Blockchain vs Other Popular Technologies and Trends

    What is Blockchain?


    • An Introduction to Blockchain
    • How Blockchain Value Transfer Occurs without Corruption
    • Blockchain Can Unlock New Revenue Streams
    • The Blockchain Construct
    • Common Elements of All Blockchains
    • Things You Need to Know about Blockchain

    The Structure of Blockchain


    • What is Proof-of-Work (PoW)
    • Blockchain Structure Explained
    • Four Key Technologies that Blockchain Uses
    • Smart Contracts and Smart Oracles in Blockchain

    How Blockchain Works? Illustrated using Bitcoin


    • Bitcoin has been the Primary Blockchain Platform
    • Value Transfer Illustrated using Bitcoin
    • Bitcoin is one of the First Blockchains
    • Where Do Bitcoins Come from and Who Controls Them? How Blockchain Works Evolution of Blockchain
    • 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 Bitcoin and Blockchain Have Their Share of Challenges and Risks

    What are the Types of Blockchain?


    • Public Blockchain
    • Private Blockchain

    Blockchain Eco-system


    • Main Categories of Blockchain Eco-system Participants
    • Infrastructure Participants
    • Middleware Participants
    • Applications and Services Participants
    • Sidechains and Other Important Eco-system Participants

    Blockchain Use-cases by Sectors


    • Common Blockchain Decision Criteria for All Sectors that Enterprises Should Consider
    • Financial Services
    • Healthcare
    • Insurance
    • Media
    • Government and Public Sector
    • Real Estate
    • Retail
    • Telecom

    Key Blockchain Use-cases


    • Payments
    • Identity Management
    • Provenance
    • Cybersecurity
    • Contracts
    • Distributed Cloud (Data Storage)
    • Loyalty
    • Internet-of-things (IoT)
    • Micro-transactions

    How to implement Blockchain in your enterprise? A step-by-step approach to plan and develop your own proof-of-concept


    • Five-step Process to Implementing Blockchain in your Enterprise
    • Identifying Opportunities and Threats
    • Determining Internal Drivers, Use-cases and Impacts on People,   Processes, and Partners
    • Litmus-test for your Enterprise - When to use Blockchain
    • Decision Criteria to Prioritize your Blockchain Implementation Approach
    • Assessing Different Technologies, Platforms and Determining Best-fit for Determining the Impact of Blockchain Implementation on your Enterprise:
      • Business Logic, Privacy and Governance
      • Decentral vs Distributed Architecture
      • Immutable Data
      • Consensus and Scalability
    • The Nine Important Risk Exposures for Enterprise with Blockchain
    • End-to-end Process to go From Concept to Proof



    Platforms & Software:

    - Bitcoin
    - Ethereum
    - Hyperledger
    - Ripple
    - Factom
    - Chain
    - Bitpay,
    - Coinbase,
    - Case,
    - GemPay
    - Mycelia,
    - Gem,
    - LenderBot
    - Ubitquity
    - BigchainDB
    - IPFS
    - Microsoft Azure
    - IBM Bluemix


    The cost is for a single-instructor led "standard content" workshop and includes up to 10 participants at your location. All logistics for the location, meals, and audio-visual equipment is to be provided by you. Any cost for travel time, travel and accomodation are charged separately. Should customization be required, the cost will be determined based on the degree of effort. Extra charge applied for more than 10 participants. Large group and multi-day workshop discounts can be arranged.



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