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Digital Transformation Jumpstart with Blockchain for Managers & Executives

Digital Transformation Jumpstart with Blockchain for Managers & Executives

Please Note: Pre-learning materials will be provided electronically to all participants. All in-class participants will be provided the course handbook of learning materials and this is included in the cost of registration. Online participants can optionally purchase the course handbook of slides which includes the cost of shipping. 


Technical Knowledge: Little to none.

Business Knowledge: Experience working in your domain/sector (i.e., Finance, Insurance, Logistics and supply chain, Telecoms, Manufacturing, Health, Government, Media, IT/Technology, etc.) will be leveraged for real life use case solution design and strategy development during the bootcamp. 

What you will learn: The objective of this unique bootcamp is to equip business leaders and executives with knowledge about Blockchain Technology, Tokens and Cryptocurrencies for startup, business, and enterprise applications.


This course is ideally suited for professionals including those in finance, legal, sales and marketing, product and project management, leadership and executive roles working in firms where a Blockchain solution is either being explored or being developed. 


You will learn the foundations of Blockchain technology and tokenization and will be introduced to methodologies and tools that you will use. Therefore, this program introduces best practice from across multiple disciplines including management consulting, enterprise architecture, design thinking, analysis, policy and governance to design a solution.


You do not require a technology background of coding or architecture. However, you should have experience in an industry so you can bring up and participate in practical solution development for use cases. 

  • Interactive Workshop Content

    Pre-learning materials will be provided ahead of the bootcamp.

    Introduction to Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

    Module I - Introductions

    Module II - Overview of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technology, Cryptocurrencies and Tokens

    • What are Blockchain and DLTs, How they work?
    • Key characteristics of Blockchains
    • Structure of Blockchain
    • Overview of main protocol functions
    • Why and when Blockchain makes sense?
    • Adoption timeline for Blockchain

    Module II b: A Practitioner's Guide to Successful Blockchain Implementation - Blockchain Strategy Development & Planning for Enterprises and Start-ups 

    • Managing and creating disruption and the need for Digital Transformation in light of exponential technologies such as Blockchain, IoT, RPA, AI, AR/VR, Voice
    • Blockchain Digital Transformation 
    • Current developments in market, industry, technology, adoption, trends, emerging business and governance models, policy and regulatory considerations, organizational and skills planning
    • Challenges and opportunities - business, technology, governance, and regulatory lessons learned from recent implementations and mitigation strategies
    • Strategies for identifying, capturing and extracting value from Blockchain projects
    • Blockchian solution considerations
      • Business Architecture: business functions, processes, participants, policies, regulation, governance, business models, 
      • Application Architecture: application function, purpose, users and UX, roadmaps, interactions with internal ERP/CRM/IS and external systems
      • Data Architecture: data flow, management, ownership, accountability, interfaces, impacts of policies (security, privacy), on/off-chain planning
      • Technology Architecture: platforms, infrastructure, deployment, integration, testing, audits, Blockchain as a Service 

    Module III: ​​​​​​Blockchain Construct - Trust, Decentralization and Consensus

    • How is trust established in Blockchains?
    • Considerations for decentralized and distributed networks
    • Consensus mechanisms - PoW, PoS, dPoS, PBFT and derivatives

    GROUP EXERCISE - Interactive Consensus game

    Module IV - The Blockchain Ecosystem and Technology

    • Infrastructure Participants
    • Middleware Participants
    • Applications and Services Participants
    • Sidechains and Other Participants

    Module IV b - The Blockchain Eco-system and Technology (Continued)

    • Public Blockchains
    • Private Blockchains
    • Consortium Blockchains
    • Blockchain Infrastructure for enterprise applications
    • Bitcoin Blockchain
    • Ethereum Blockchain
    • Hyperledger Fabric Blockchain
    • Others: Corda, Ripple
    • Important considerations for Enterprises

    Module VI - Application Development and Smart Contracts

    • Smart contracts
    • Smart Oracles
    • Digital assets and smart property

    Module VII - GROUP EXERCISE -  Solution Workshop - I: Introduction to Solution Design using an use case from participants.

    This can range from managing electronic health records (EHR) or pharmaceutical drug dispensing in light of GDPR/HIPAA, or Financial transactions with AML/KYC compliance, etc. We will go through the step-by step process of designing a solution including: identifying participants, digital assets, transactions and interactions. defining the application and flow of information. Devising the data management approach, the type of Blockchian technology to be used, and developing the highl level solution design and process flows.

    Module VIII: Cryptocurrencies, Tokens and Digital Assets


    Supporting Courseware Materia

    • Basic concepts of Finance and Economy
    • What is money, currency, legal tender, ledgers
    • History of Money
    • Economics of Bitcoin (Monetary policy)
    • Bitcoin White Paper
    • Concept of Inflation, Deflation and Disinflation
    • Hedging currency against Gold

    Methodologies and Tools Introduced: Management consulting decision tress and hypothesis development, root-problem identification, Current/Target state: User experience, Business process flow, Governance and Business models, Data flow, Application interactions and design, technology


  • Important Information

    Audience: Open to business and technology professionals who are learning about Enterprise Blockchain and Digital Transformation. This course does not have a pre-requisite and assumes no technical experience and little to no familiarity with Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies.

    Technical Knowledge: Little to none

    Pre-Requisite: None

    Pricing and Discounts: Discount and coupon codes are for limited time only and may be discountinued at any time. Expect the price for any given course to increase closer to the date of the course.

    Ordering Course Book: Please note that course books are provided to participants and included in the cost of registration of all in-class courses. For online and self-study options, you can optionally order the book at an extra cost. This cost includes the cost to courier the book to you. We recommend ordering the book at least 1-week prior to start of the program as the books are custom printed by order. While we do courier the materials via UPS or Fedex to you, we cannot guarantee when the book will arrive as delivery times depend on your location.  

    Refund Policy: Refunds are issued less processing and creditcard/Paypay fees as long as cancelation is received 30 days in advance of the event.Unfortunately we are not able to provide refunds within 30 days of event. 

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