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203.	Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Business Case Framework

203. Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Business Case Framework

Pricing in Canadian Dollars. 


What you will learn: This workshop is for enterprise and start-up executives, consultants, strategy and product leads who are tasked with leading the development of the Blockchain Strategy as part of the organizational Digital Transformation initiative or as a disruptive start-up. Key principles of Design Thinking, Management Consulting hypothesis driven strategy development, various analysis methodologies including PESTEL, SWOT, weighted average and prioritization techniques, Solution Architecture current/future state and gap analysis will be introduced and leveraged to develop a detailed strategy. A use case with IoT and Blockchain will be leveraged in a supply chain to teach the principles and then participants will devise their own strategy as part of the exercise.


  • 5 Hour Live Stream
  • Level: Course 203
  • Certification: CCBP
  • Pre-requisite: Course 101, 102, 103, 201, & 202 or Equivalent Understanding


Dates and Times: All sessions are Live Streamed  and Available Globally


  • Wed, Sept 28,  4 PM EST
  • Sun, Nov 27, 10 AM EST
  • Sat, Dec 31, 10 AM EST


Optional Blockchain Course Book: Participants can optionally order the course workbook. Please note that the workbook covers the material for all three 200-level courses. You only need to order the book once and NOT for each 200-level course you take for the CCBP certification.

  • Interactive Workshop Content

    With all new disruptive technology innovation strategy development framework - used by leading management consultants including McKinsey, Bain and BCG.

    Pre-learning materials will be provided ahead of the course.

    Blockchain Transformation Strategy & Business Case Framework Workshop

    • Planning for Digital Transformation
    • Design Thinking and customer-centric design
    • External analysis
    • Organizational and business impact analysis
    • Use case identification and prioritization
    • Does Blockchain make sense - when and how to use it for the use case
    • Enterprise strategy development/alignment
    • Blockchain business model identification
    • Selecting the Governance Model
    • Blockchain technology and solution architecture
    • Data management
    • Regulatory and policy impact identification
    • PoC/Pilot/Production planning
    • Identifying risks and risk mitigation

    Other Courseware Material

    • External factors analysis (PESTEL)
    • Internal Capabilities analysis
    • SWOT/TOWS Analysis
    • Weighted Average and Use-case Prioritization
    • Strategy development
    • Lean Business Model Canvas
  • Important Information

    Audience: Open to business and technology professionals who are learning about Enterprise Blockchain and Digital Transformation. 

    Methodologies and Tools: The following management / business / technology methodologies and tools may be used during this workshop. In cases where these tools are used, either a brief introduction to the concepts and/or supporting material will be provided to help develop the strategy/plan (not to teach the tools themselves):

    • Methods for determining disruptive forces and trends
    • Digital transformation journey planning
    • Design thinking and journey mapping 
    • PESTEL Analysis
    • SWOT/TOWS Analysis
    • Weighting average
    • Business Transformation Model 
    • Your cell phone / your laptop

    Certification: This course provides the foundational knowledge needed for all of the certifications. Certification requires successfully passing the online multi-choice exam. CCBP certification candidates also receive a capstone (Blockchain strategy and lean business model) template and receive feedback on the capstone. Successfully completing the capstone is needed for the CCBP certification only.

    Cost for Certification: Please note that there is an additional fee for review of the capstone project and the certification exam. This will be kept to a minimum and shall not exceed $300 for those registered for the bootcamps. Bootcamp participants will be emailed a coupon code to reduce certification costs. 

    Pricing and Discounts: Discount and coupon codes are for limited time only and may be discountinued at any time. Expect the price for any given course to increase closer to the date of the course.

    Refund Policy: Refunds are issued less processing and creditcard/Paypay fees as long as cancelation is received 30 days in advance of the event.Unfortunately we are not able to provide refunds within 30 days of event. 

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