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Enterprise Blockchains Need Tokens to Maximize Benefits of Digital Asset Value Exchange

For the longest time through 2016 – 2018 it seemed a necessary action by proponents of “enterprise-focused" permissioned blockchain solutions to downplay the need for tokens and absolutely object to the use of cryptocurrencies. It seems some of these folks are coming to a realization that running blockchain solutions without the ability to exchange digital assets and value easily as part of the solution diminishes the main value proposition of blockchain, and frankly at this point, its probably better to use existing non-blockchain solutions.

As a result, we are seeing work starting to happen in enterprise blockchain initiatives led by the Enterprise Ethereum Alliance along with participants including Microsoft, IBM, Accenture, Intel, Web3 Labs, Hyperledger, and R3 among others to define a global standard and taxonomy for blockchain-neutral tokens.

This will enable the use of tokens in enterprise applications and the hope is digital assets represented by tokens can be exchanged across different Blockchains - a very powerful capability that will significantly enhance the value of enterprise blockchain initiatives.



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