Bitcoin, Cryptocurrencies & Token Markets

Location: Toronto, ON, Canada

Dates: Select from Dates Available. 

Technical Knowledge: Little to none

What you will learn: This interactive workshop introduces all of the main concepts required to have a good foundational understanding of Cryptocurrencies. You will learn about the Bitcoin Blockchain infrastructure platform, important cryptocurrency concepts and we will use the bitcoin cryptocurrency (BTC) to illustrate how you can use cryptocurrencies. The key characteristics of cryptocurrencies are compared to that of money and financial systems. A hands-on demonstration is provided as a user through the set-up of a wallet and conducting bitcoin transactions. You will learn about other popular cryptocurrencies and tokens such as Ether, Litecoin etc. and emerging areas of interest in Cryptocurrencies and ICO.

  • Workshop Content

    1. Introduction to Bitcoin Blockchain

    1.1 What is Blockchain? How does it work?

    1.2 Who are the miners, and how do they confirm the transaction?

    1.3 What is Consensus?


    2. Introduction to Cryptocurrencies

    2.1 What are Cryptocurrencies?

    2.2 Properties of Cryptocurrency

    2.3 Introduction to Bitcoin

    2.4 Introduction to Alt-Coins

    2.5 Relationship between cryptocurrencies & Fiat Money

    2.6 Can Cryptocurrency be converted into Fiat Money?

    2.7 How Cryptocurrency moves against Fiat Money?


    3. Transacting with Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

    3.1 Bitcoin Market Trend

    3.2 Buying, Selling & Using Bitcoin

    3.3 Cryptocurrency Wallet

           3.3.1 Is my wallet secured?

           3.3.2 How do I create an account and transfer cryptocurrency to/from my Wallet?

           3.3.3 How to choose a wallet?

           3.3.4 Which are the top wallets on the basis of performance and feedback? 

    3.4 Cryptocurrency Exchange

           3.4.1 How secure are the Exchanges?

           3.4.2 Can I store cryptocurrency in an Exchange? How does it differ from a wallet?

           3.4.3 How do I create an account and transfer cryptocurrency to an Exchange?

           3.4.4 How to choose an exchange?

           3.4.5 Which are the top Exchanges on the basis of performance and feedback?


    4. Popular Cryptocurrencies & Tokens

    4.1 Ether

            4.1.1 Technology

            4.1.2 Team behind Ethereum

            4.1.3 Market trend

            4.1.4 Buying, Selling & Using Ether

    4.2 Litecoin

            4.2.1 Technology

            4.2.2 Team behind Litecoin

            4.2.3 Three-year trend

            4.2.4 Buying, Selling & Using Litecoin

    4.3 Emerging tokens - Examples

            4.3.1 Storjcoin

            4.3.2 Monero

            4.3.3 Dash

            4.3.4 Factom

            4.3.5 Lisk


    5. Emerging Areas of interest in Cryptocurrency & ICO



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