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Oct 26 & 27, 2019

Dec 7 & 8, 2019 




Location: Downtown Toronto, ON, Canada


Technical Knowledge: A technical background, experience in enterprise IT, product development, or architecture is recommended. Though this is not a programming course, some previous exposure to basic programming will be helpful. 

What you will learn: This 2-day advanced Blockchain interactive workshop builds on a strong foundational understanding of Blockchain and tokens, use cases, business and governance models. Participants must either have completed the Foundational course or have a strong understanding of the materials covered in that program.


You will learn how to design, architect and manage the implementation of Blockchain use cases through instructor-led, step-by-step process with significant workshops and hands-on exercises.


  • Interactive Workshop Content

    DAY 1*: Developing the Blockchain Use Case Architecture


    8:00 - Breakfast and Networking


    8:15 - Introductions

    8:40 - Brief review of Blockchain Foundations 


    9:45 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE - Identify Blockchain Use Case for Working Sessions

    • Identify current use and application, parties involved, business processes, governance model, challenges (time, cost, trust, etc.)
    • Identify why Blockchain will be needed (vs. status quo or use of alternative database solutions), define the value-prop for use of blockchain for the business
    • Review and discussion of use cases 


    10:30 - Networking Break & Refreshments


    10:45 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Develop the Business Architecture for the Blockchain Use Case

    • Future state (with Blockchain) use and application
    • Participants and roles
    • Process flow
    • Governance model
    • Business model


    12:00 - Working Lunch


    12:30 - Groups Present and Discuss Business Architecture for Blockchain Use Case


    1:15 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Develop the Blockchain Application Architecture

    • Future state (with Blockchain) application function and services
    • Application use and select user stories Application interfaces


    2:30 - Networking Break


    2:45 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Develop the Blockchain  Data Architecture 

    • Future state (with Blockchain) application data architecture
    • Data policy and compliance considerations (i.e., GDPR, HIPAA, etc.)
    • Data security considerations, encryption, key management, etc.
    • Data objects, off-chain and on-chain components
    • Data flow and management


    3:45 - Groups Present and Discuss Application and Data Architecture for Blockchain Use Case


    5:00 - Summary and Close


    Day 2*: Blockchain Solution Development


    8:00 - Breakfast and Networking


    8:15 - Review of Blockchain Solutions Architecture Workshop


    8:30 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Develop the Blockchain Technology Architecture

    • Select Blockchain (i.e., Ethereum, Hyperledger Fabric, Stellar)
    • Blockchain platforms (i.e., Azure, Bluemix)
    • Programming languages and development environment and frameworks 
    • Interfaces with existing enterprise systems (i.e., ERP, CRM, websites, databases, etc.)
    • Interfaces with 3rd-party systems (i.e., AML/KYC, payments, key management, wallets, partner systems, etc.)


    10:00 - Networking Break


    10:15 - Groups Present and Discuss Technology Architecture for Blockchain Use Case


    11:00 -  INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Set-up and Configure Blockchain Platform and Development Environment

    • Set up Blockchain as a Solution (BaaS) environment (i.e., Bluemix for Hyperledger Fabric or Azure Workbench for Ethereum)
    • Set up consoritum 
    • Nodes
    • Development environment


    12:00 - Working Lunch Continue with Group Exercise


    1:30 - Introduction to smart contract design and development 

    • Smart contract design for use case
    • Use of Oracles
    • Interactions with smart contracts 
    • Consortium vs. public blockchain considerations for smart contracts (i.e., payments, etc.)


    2:30 - Networking Break


    2:45 - INTERACTIVE GROUP EXERCISE – Developing First Smart Contract

    • Demonstration and group activity to develop a basic smart contract using Solidity on Ethereum with Remix 


    4:30 - Summary and Certification Requirements


    5:00 Close


    *Please note that the course content will evolve over time and will differ to some extent at the time of the workshop.

  • Important Information

    NEW payment options: To create more versatility in payment, we are now offering a choice to pay in 2 separate installments. Please contact for arrangements. Note that promo pricing will be excluded and additional charges may apply. Payment in full must be received one week prior to session. 




    Audience: Open to business and technology professionals who are who are looking to design and implement a Blockchain solution.


    Technical Knowledge: A technical background, experience in enterprise IT, product development, architecture is recommended. Though this is not a programming course, some previous exposure to basic coding will be helpful.


    Pre-Requisite: A strong foundational understanding of Blockchain and tokens, use cases, business and governance models in needed. Participants must either have completed the Foundational Course or have a strong understanding of the materials covered in that course.


    Methodologies and Tools: The following management / business / technology methodologies and tools may be used during this workshop. In cases where these tools are used, either a brief introduction to the concepts and/or supporting material will be provided to help develop the strategy/plan (not to teach the tools themselves):


    • Methods for determining disruptive forces and trends
    • Digital transformation journey planning
    • Design thinking and journey mapping
    • Agile
    • Architecture resources and methodologies as applicable
    • Your cell phone / your laptop


    Certification: This is the advanced course to the Foundational Certification (CCBP) and leads to the CIO Certified Blockchain Architect (CCBA) Advanced Certification. The certification process requires the successful completion of an online exam and/or a project.Certification requires the candidate to have either completed post-secondary education or have a minimum of two years of professional work experience, completed this course successfully and fulfilled the requirements of the certification process.


    Cost for Certification: Please note that there will be an additional fee for the certification. This will be kept to a minimum and shall not exceed $300 for the process.


    Pricing and Discounts: Only up to 25 participants are permitted per workshop. Discount and coupon codes are for limited time only and may be discountinued at any time. Expect the price for any given course to increase closer to the date of the course.


    Refund Policy: Refunds are issued less processing and creditcard/Paypay fees as long as cancelation is received 30 days in advance of the event.Unfortunately we are not able to provide refunds within 30 days of event. 

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