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Blockchain - Key Global Trends

Updated: May 8, 2020

According to a study of the Bockchain ecosystem, Accenture has found the following interesting trends:

  • Investments: Over US$10 billion in venture capital over the past 5 years and US$200 billion current total market capitalization

  • Job Opportunities: Blockchain Developer is the top emerging job with 33x growth over last year, outpacing even Machine Learning

  • Business Priority: Blockchain is a critical priority for 53% of large organizations in 2019

  • Global interest: Canada has the highest growth rate globally with a CAGR of 73.3%. However, the interest is global with over 24 countries currently investing in DLT and Blockchain projects

  • Salary: Average salary of a Blockchain professional is significantly greater than those of similar roles - in some cases it is almost double the national average for similar roles in other industries

  • Financial Services and Central Banks: 90+ central banks engaged in DLT discussions worldwide, and 40 are experimenting



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